Switch from Microsoft Access to OnMyBusiness Database made for FileMaker

Want a database system much better than Microsoft Access? If you’re trying to decide what database product will suit your business needs, but have been wondering what the differences are between Microsoft Access and FileMaker Pro, click the link below to download a comparison of the two products. After reviewing the information, you too will discover why FileMaker is the #1-selling, easy-to-use database.

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Easily switch from Microsoft Access to OnMyBusiness made with FileMaker Pro. OnMyBusiness is a suite of FileMaker Applications for Small Business. OnMyBusiness modules are available online as Software as a Service. All modules are eBusiness or eCommerce enabled. With OnMyBusiness you operate a complete business solution with integrated CRM, invoicing, inventory as well as a CMS - Content Management System to publish your products to the web ‘On-The-Fly’. Please feel free to browse this site and
contact us.

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Contact us for all FileMaker Pro related requirements, such as FileMaker Training, FileMaker Development, FileMaker Cloud Computing and FileMaker Support. We are happy to assist you when you plan your next step to utilise proven technologies in your organisation.

Your New Zealand FileMaker® Pro Database Support

We specialise in FileMaker Pro Support, Training, Customisation, Hosting and FileMaker Online Solutions using secure technologies. Get your FileMaker Pro Database online on the web with our expertise.

We develop, customise, support and give professional FileMaker training:

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Ready-To-Go Business Package
OMB is a package of essential classic ERP business modules such as companies and contacts CRM, Products and Services database and Project Management with modern e-Business modules. OMB is the perfect integrated CRM & Business Package for small companies, trading companies, manufacturers, contractors and agencies.

FileMaker Cloud Computing

FileMaker App Server

FileMaker Cloud Computing for iPad and iPhone

Online Mobile Business Solutions

Made for FileMaker

iPad on the Cloud
FileMaker Cloud Computing for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
- instant access of your data
- instant update of your data
- create inspections anywhere
- create reports anywhere
- create notes
- take images
- record voice to your inspections
FileMaker Pro 12 Solutions
FileMaker Go
Productivity Software and Apps
Made for FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go
Featuring professional online multiuser, mobile, CRM and CMS modules served via Cloud Computing
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Provided as FileMaker Cloud Computing on desktop, Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone as part of the OMB - OnMyBusiness productivity software.



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This is a listing of Filemaker Pro based OBM - OnMyBusiness Modules. This CRM and ERP software is based on FileMaker Pro. OMB business modules can be operated on Windows or Mac desktop computers with Pro. FileMaker mobile computing is available with Filemaker Go on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Some modules are browser enabled. All modules are delivered as SaaS - Software as a Service and FileMaker Cloud Computing. (*) Devices: iPhone, iPad with some layouts (**) FileMaker Pro Template price:
FREE** (condition: Whenever a 36 month cloud computing hosting agreement is in place and paid for, the FileMaker templates are provided at no cost for the duration of the agreement)
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